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I 'm Debbie Walton 

oh hey!

I love being a photographer but, until 2020, I was only behind the camera.

In those months of shutdown, I decided to do what I preached to my clients - show up on social media by showing my face!  I created mini- shoots around my house and in local outdoor areas, took lots of photos of myself and posted, posted, posted. 

I stopped being self-conscious in front of the camera, my Instagram and FaceBook followers went up ... and then when things opened up, I booked, booked, booked! 

I am a textbook success story of understanding my brand, figuring out how to create content to add value and showing who I am on social media. When my ideal clients can get to know me, they like me, trust me and book with me!

I am passionate about helping others achieve their dreams and goals. With fabulous images that support and clarify your brand, you can be seen by YOUR ideal clients, serve them and help them change their lives.

My Story

Being an encourager and cheerleader! You can do this!

Knowing my True North and taking this journey day by day with my Creator. Having the deepest peace, the greatest joy and eternal hope.

 Shot tons of weddings and families before deciding that Brand Photography is my jam.
10,000 hours baby! 

Helping women feel confident and comfortable in front of the camera

What I’m known for

- Grace kelly

"don't be like the rest of them, darling"

words to live by

to-do lists

so satisfying to cross things off!

my camera and lipstick of course


printed books

yup, I love the feel of a book in my hands

favorite biz book

Building a storybrand

this guy

married TO THE LOVE OF MY LIFE and father of my children

favorite destination

ah, yosemite we love you

my color palette

my forever happy colors

It'S ALWAYS IN THE FRIGE because life is a celebration


I'm a little crazy about...

I love a great meal, but I could eat from a charcuterie board the rest of my days!


I'm obsessed with Pickleball and play 4-5 times a week! It's the fastest growing sport in America. Look it up and let's play! 


I'm a California girl born and raised. I LOVE it here with our perfect weather, proximity to the ocean and mountains but most of all my family and friends. Having a community to do life with is the best!


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